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Does your app close after few hours and take long time to load?

Knut, has your issue ever been resolved? I ask you this because, I was going through this post and I am given a very similar run around with every instance I seek help.

I am unable to find the feature that you mentioned. I downloaded the latest file iridium_lite_setup_1.2.0 and installed. Cannot find option to delete.

I have shared a test project I created to test this. The project name is AV TEST. I have shared it with the support team.

I do not find the delete button mentioned in the previous post. On my IOS device I do not find the update either.

Slava, the kind of support I get from you is appalling to put it very politely. Do you check before posting? First you deny the existence of a problem. Then you mention that you cannot replicate the problem. After I prove the problem exists, you provide an unacceptable solution. Further the temporary solution mentioned in the post above is Vaporware. Extremely frustrating spending time troubleshooting with you when I should actually be working on my projects. I hope someone more responsible responds to the support queries.

Would you be so kind to post a screenshot of the delete button mentioned in the earlier post? I think you actually mean the delete button for the IR module, which will delete all the IR devices under that module. I feel you don't even understand the problem that you are trying to provide assistance.

Sure, I cannot do it today. I have an extremely important client presentation. Will do it later. 

KNX IR can be added with multiple modules. But cannot delete 1 module. If the KNX IR is deleted all IR modules are deleted. This is extremely painful

I think the actual problem is if the app is not used for a few hours then it crashes and hence when we decide to use to later it takes a long time to open. How can we stop the app from closing or crashing. This will solve the problem I described. I am on IOS 10.3.3 iPhone 6 64GB

If there is an edit to be done, what will happen if I mistyped something and have to edit later?

Is there a way to back up my project? A bug like this is ruining my work and I have to delete everything and start over again. Please suggest how I can save stable version of my project and later revert when something like this happens.

Now I hope you are convinced that there is a problem after i demonstrated the issue.

I have updated the app. Please come on TeamViewer