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yes. connection to a windows machine running i3pro client via remote desktop doesn't work well.

the E3E5 broadcast message fills only the "read temperature" feedback, not the "read temperature new" feedback.

hi, doesn't work. i made two feedbacks on the same hdl device. first with "read temperature", second with "read temperatur new". A device that's broadcasting in the "old format" shows up only on the "read temperature" feedback, a newer device that sends the temperatur broadcast in the new format show up only on the "read temperature new" feedback.

Thx! Can you give me a short example of how to use SSDP with the Subscribe command?

Actually, i just saw it is a combined command. Look at the Specification below. The packet gives you 6 bytes. First is the channel number, second is the temperature in the "old" format. And additionally there are the 4 Bytes of the "new" temperatur float format.

I don't know if every device is sending out all the 6 bytes or some are just sending 2 bytes, but all the one's i'am testing here are doing 6 bytes.

Alexa Support for i3 pro server ??? People are asking, whats your current status?

hi, so tested your special version. is it working? yes and no.

broadcast temperatur receive is working, but only when you set the temperatur feedback channel to "read temperatur". it is not working when you set it to "read temperatur new". but when other devices on the bus doing also temperature requests, they mostly use the "read temperature new" method, also thats the standard format in iridium too. so, in my opinion there are two practical solutions:

1.) the "temperature broadcast" should always update the corresponding temperature channel of the device regardless of which method is selected "old" or "new". "temperature broadcast" messages (today) are always using the "old" temperature read format.

2.) maybe a better solution would be to not give the two options "read temperature" and "read temperature new" to be selectable, just make it "temperature response". and it should receive the "old" and the "new" temperature format and also the broadcast format too. because it doesn't make a difference in the result for the enduser. we just want the temperature.

for testing a server version, please send me a raspberry version. but i think you're doing it right.