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Yes, i2 control is not supported by iOS 11. The application will not be updated. We recommend switching to i3 pro version. You can convert v2 projects to v3 - just open and save the old project in the new iRidium Studio. Purchased licenses can be exchanged in My Account in the iRidium V2->Licenses Exchange tab. But before the license exchange, check in the trial mode that everything was correctly converted.

Well, we'll check the version from 1.1.* branch and current ... If it worked before, and then it stopped, then it's a bug... But as far as I know, it never worked on some video cards ....

"i3 Pro / i3 Lite merge" - what you mean? We have not changed the rendering system since the launch of the product (it is absolutely the same for lite and pro). Try full screen mode on a PC with a normal graphics card, it will not work either?

So it happens ONLY in the work of a full screen. In this mode, some videocards (like Intel HD 5000/6000 series) switch the display to exclusive mode. We can not fix this, because it depends on the drivers for the specific hardware.

We have made some corrections to version 1.2.4, and many have solved the problem of the "black screen". Please, write, who after the update did this error persist?


what is our product you use? i3pro or i3lite?

Это слишком часто... .я бы назвал нормальным срабатывание раз в 10-15 минут,и то при большой нагрузке. Дело не в абсолютной загрузке памяти, а в скорости ее заполнения. Проверьте, что не используются массивы без надобности, возможно парсинг происходит в повышенном объеме. Можно добавлять в проект скрипт частями, чтобы выявить какая функция загружает память...

Здравствуйте, Ваша проблема еще не решена?

I apologize for not being able to repeat this situation and take action to correct it.