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Why should the end user open the side menu? You do not need to consider this option ....

No, you can't.

Describe, why do you need this functionality?

We do not support this equipment at this time. The driver is under construction.

Very often, users see only flaws, but do not see that the product is developing. I'm sorry that you got a bad experience with our product. Will it be better to say that we will investigate this, but we will not do it ourselves? I pay attention to the number of votes and your ideas, and you can not notice how many ideas are realized on the prompts of our customers. Voting works, although for you it does not look that way. I am grateful when you write your proposals, but I can not guarantee that all of them will be realized, especially if the idea is supported by only 6 votes (it really is).

Your ideas for development are very important to us. But we have a definite development plan and are limited in adding new tasks. The number of votes affects the chances of adding a task, but DOES NOT GUARANTEE it.

Sorry, but 6 votes is a useless function ...