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Yes - this would be fantastic for me too

Once again, thank you for your help! I will try this new script and will watch the tutorial, including continuing reading of 'Eloquent Javascript'

Hi Ilya

Thank you for your response. Would the following then be correct (my JS knowledge is super limited haha)? Also to note, the actual command has a question mark - "@MAIN:VOL=?" - is your script saying, if this number has changed by plus or minus one, update the output?


var driver =IR.GetDevice("Yamaha RXV-1067"); 

IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_TEXT, driver, function(text) 


              if(text.indexOf("@MAIN:VOL") != -1) 

{             IR.SetVariable("Drivers.Yamaha RXV-1067.yamaha_volume");}

] });


+1 for Synology - we have a Synology NAS and this would mean we wouldn't need a second device running on our network for iRidium - great idea!

HI Dmitry

Thank you for your code. I have changed my work a little so that I am controlling the Polycom unit via RS232 (Global Cache IP2SL). The string is currently set at:

device.Send(["'dial manual auto " + text + "',0x0D"])

The Global Cache ethernet light will flash as I hit commands, but the serial port does not. I have read through the documentation and understand that GC devices have a 'transport_id' but I am unsure which ID I should be using for the IP2SL.

HI Andrey

I looked at this however it is not a 'control panel to Polycom call,' rather the ability to control a Polycom unit to talk to other Polycom units. What is the best way to inject the password via JS for telnet authorisation? I am very new to JS so teaching myself along the way using examples from this forum and the web.

Thabks Dmitry!!!

Will try this out when I'm back at work. The Polycom requires a password for Telnet, so might try to use the RS232 port via global cache instead to bypass that. 

Hello - updating Windows 10 and reverting to a previous version has solved the problem for now

Thank you for the response. I am working with JamWare to resolve this issue.

Thank you for the responses - I did have it briefly working yesterday (I am not sure how) but it's refusing to work for me today. Could I send you my project file - maybe this will be easier as I already have the driver and text items set up?