Number of KNX group addresses with i2control V2.2

Patrick PETIT 9 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 years ago 6
Are there a limitation on the number of KNX group addresses with i2control V2.2. I use the Weinzierl BAOS 772 interface that can handle 1000 address groups
Under review
The iRidium has no limit to the number of group addresses.

In one of my projects I have about 2000 adresses
In this case you will need to use two BAOS 772 interface, but iRidium have no limit of group addresses
Absolutely right. I have 10 of them and all is working just fine.
P.s. It takes lot of time to setup all this baoses :)
I have a German customer that is searching for a good visualization software. But he need 40.000 (yes, 40.000) group-addresses in his project.
Can this be done in iRidium?