Logic machine/BAOS KNX

James R Delaney 8 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Nikolay Rusanov 8 years ago 1


I am doing a new build job.

I have not used iRidium before.

I looked at the KNX tutorial.

This is what I would like to do:

Image 11135

Has anyone else done something like this?

How do I do the graphs etc?

Maybe Sonos is better than Nuvo - I could always use the Nuvo app..

Many thanks


These are very normal iRidium v3 tasks (v3 is on beta stage, will be available quite soon).

To get graphs with LM you need to install iRidium Server on it (now available for beta test): http://support.iridiummobile.net/topic/708146-installyatsiya-servera-iridium-na-logic-machine-openrbcom/?lang=en

There are 2 iRidium modules for Sonos, but no complete modules for Nuvo yet.

As for door entry better use SIP solutions (tested Mobotix, 2N and some others). Not sure sbout Gira here, need to try.