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Problem with syncing serverproject to client.

Paul van Boven 7 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 6


I've got a problem with syncing a serverproject.

Everytime when I make a Custom AV and I'm cloning a command a several times and I changes te name and commandstring. The first clone of a command will not be synced in the client.

So when I make a command and clone it for example 5 times, the 1ste of the 5 clones will not show op in the client, so I got command 1 (original), command 3, command 4 and so on.

This is everytime.

Me regards,

Paul van Boven

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Unfortunately, we could not repeat the problem. Could you describe step by step how to repeat the problem ? Also specify if the problem is repeated on the newly created project. Or is it repeated only on your old project?

I already have a server project ad a new custom AV driver, then a make a command. For example audio on zone 1, command ‘SET_FADER(1,65)\r’. Then I clone it 5 times, change the name to audio on zone 2, change command ‘SET_FADER(2,65)\r’ and so on. Than I save the server project. Go back to the client, sync the server. 

Then it doesn’t sync the first clone.

Can you send us your project?


Can you repeat the problem in new version of iRidium Studio ?

Yesterday I have tried to repeat it on the new version of iridium studio.

I haven't be able to repeat the issue.