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Problem with syncing serverproject to client.

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I've got a problem with syncing a serverproject.

Everytime when I make a Custom AV and I'm cloning a command a several times and I changes te name and commandstring. The first clone of a command will not be synced in the client.

So when I make a command and clone it for example 5 times, the 1ste of the 5 clones will not show op in the client, so I got command 1 (original), command 3, command 4 and so on.

This is everytime.

Me regards,

Paul van Boven

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Unfortunately, we could not repeat the problem. Could you describe step by step how to repeat the problem ? Also specify if the problem is repeated on the newly created project. Or is it repeated only on your old project?

I already have a server project ad a new custom AV driver, then a make a command. For example audio on zone 1, command ‘SET_FADER(1,65)\r’. Then I clone it 5 times, change the name to audio on zone 2, change command ‘SET_FADER(2,65)\r’ and so on. Than I save the server project. Go back to the client, sync the server. 

Then it doesn’t sync the first clone.


Can you repeat the problem in new version of iRidium Studio ?

Yesterday I have tried to repeat it on the new version of iridium studio.

I haven't be able to repeat the issue.

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