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How to use Iridiumserver as a gateway for ETS5

Marc Van de Vyver 8 years ago in Server Solutions / UMC Server updated by Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 8 years ago 2

Can some one help me with this issue

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To connect to the iridium Server, you need to use driver "iRidium Server". Because only he knows how to work with channels on the server. So you can't use iRidium Server as the gateway for the ETS. But you can download a project from the ETS in the project of iridium servers.

Hi Marc!

At this moment, in the iRidium KNX Server (UMC Server), the KNX Serial protocol is used. With this protocol, it's not possible to use the iRidium KNX Server like an KNX IP Interface to program your KNX-devices with ETS.

Programmers are busy for 100% to develop the KNX/IP-driver; with this driver you can use the iRidium KNX Server like an IP-interface to program knx-devices with ETS. In a few weeks this KNX/IP-driver is ready.