Receiving IP notify from Mobotix T25, to send push notification

Lukas Korsakas 7 years ago in Server Solutions / UMC Server updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 10


I would like some help with server-side script, which would receive IP-notify from mobotix T25, so push notification could be sent.

This solution would be perfect as direct SIP call is not possible to iridium app, running in background mode.


Lukas is right:

we need a good documented example, how to send an IP-message from T24/T25, and receive this message as a push notification OR a message to a driver on the iRidium Server.

With this example, we can show and explain the power of iRidium with Mobotix devices:to receive something from T24/T25, and do something with this info.

So, i vote for this idea from Lukas! It's an important example to have it for our installers.




We tested it today - it is works! At the next week we publish documentation with examples of code for good solution MOBOTIX SIP + iRidium PUSH


Hi Alexander,

This is great, thanks!

We're waiting for the doc + examples!



Hello, any news on documentation? :)

Or maybe You could send me the project, which worked, i would sort it out without documentation :)
Thanks :)

One more idea:

Would it be possible to retrieve, in example, last 4 images from mobotix camera and display them in i3 pro?

Just in case you miss the push notification and want to know who was visiting You.

Any solutions?

Yes it is possible. Mobotix can send IP_notify with JPEG (see Mobotix Documentation) to the file server. And we can get this image if you need it

Any example project how to retrieve image form file server?

Also, Mobotix can save images to its own internal SD card, would it be possible to retrieve images from it?


Sorry, but we do not have example. This is a question to the functional of the device Mobotix, and not to iRidium