UMC server as gateway for bus monitor in ETS4

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I can use the UMC server as gateway to program the KNX components when I am in the local network with the UMC server. Can I do that also from the office, through an external IP address?

And, is it also possible to use the bus monitor in ETS4 with the UMC server as gateway?

Preferred way to do so (for security reasons) is to use encrypted VPN to the network, where UMC is located.

If UMC is certified at least as KNX IP Gateway, Bus Monitor should work (definitely with ETS5, not sure about ETS4)

How do I start a VPN server on the UMC server?

For VPN you should use a special router. UMC can't be a VPN server.

Oké. I was affraid so. And if I choose not to use VPN?

How do I make the connection to the server UMC from an extern IP location?

You can use the port forwarding, but I STRONGLY DO NOT recommend it! VPN is one of the most secure technologies for remote interaction.