UMC server routing

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I followed the manual: http://dev.iridiummobile.net/IRidium_Server_UMC/en

My question is: When should routing be turned "ON"?

Create an empty script file (JS icon on the top toolbar + New Script) and add the script in it:

   var KNXSerial = "KNXIPClientSerial";   // name of KNX Serial driver in your project
   if(IR.GetDevice(KNXSerial)) { 
      IR.GetDevice(KNXSerial).SetParameters({ServerDevice: "iRidium Server"});
                  "iRidium Server", {Port: 3671, 
                  ClientDevice: KNXSerial,
                  Routing: false // true - to turn Routing on

After the project with the configured driver and script is launched on the UMC, you will be able to find the UMC in ETS and use it as an interface to access the bus.

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Did not quite understand your question. Routing turn on, when you want, that through UMC it was possible to program the KNX bus from the ETS. After completing the setup, it makes sense to disable this function so that the interface bus can not be programmed via IP.

Aleksandr : Do I understand correctly, that turning off KNX routing on UMC also turns off KNX tunneling capability?

Hmm. KNX Specification differs "KNX Tunneling" and "KNXNet/IP routing", so, using the term "KNX routing" in this case produces some misunderstanding, as we see above.

Hmm, you right. First of all, we implement KNX tunneling for programming via ETS. It is not about allows a KNX IP router to perform the function of a line or area coupler. We will change our documentation. Thank you for attention.