Will USB KNX / Raspberry Pi Interface work with IR server?

Tanapol E. 7 years ago in Products / KNX updated 7 years ago 8

Will USB KNX Interface work with IR server?

such as this one 


or this one

rPI will see this as /dev/ttyAMA0 not sure if I can use kBerry for this or not?)


For this one


I already try on Serial driver

but it not working

I already test device using

minicom -H -w -b 19200 -D /dev/ttyAMA0

and output looking ok

but  IR server not response anything

Im not sure if protocol is same for all device or not

protocol document:


so is it possible to add support for this one?

; kBerry is not available on my country

and this device talk directly to KNX not BAOS server


We can ship kBerry to you via UK, same like we did with iRidium server UMC 



Thanks for your help:(

unfortunately there is no one in EU right now :(

what do you mean with 'no one in EU'? We have kBerry in stock, built-in in iRidium server RPI

Let me know what you want; we can help you!


Sorry for not being clear,

I mean my sister already left UK so there is no one to get a package for me anymore 


We can send to Thailand too :-)

That nice!
I will contact you via email once i need
but now i already own IC00R01KNX so I try to using this first :)

ps. If i have to import just kBerry maybe it better for me to order UMC and just plug it in for my client :)