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I2 Control for IOS11

Mikel Bur 5 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 1

please, update I2 control for IOS11, I lose the original project and I only have ir in my iphone. I can’t manage my home


[KNX] 2 bits feedback not work

Francesco Zangara 6 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 5 years ago 31

On my project have 10 presence sensors KNX. I need to force it with 2bits switch control and show the actual status.

I insert a command and a feedback on knx ip router driver (i not try with baos). Command work fine, but feedback not change when i send the command from iRidium or another device on KNX (for example an pushbutton).

Studio version

Server version


[Server][KNX] How to set server physical address with KNX IP Router/Interface?

Francesco Zangara 6 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 7

If I have a project with KNX IP Interface or KNX IP Router, iRidium send command on KNX with address 15.15.250.

This is not correct if the interface/router stay on other line (for example 1.1.xxx).

How can I change the physical address used from iRidium?

Waiting for user's reply

Compatibility for Weinzierl KNX IPBaos774 and IP Interface 730/731

Francesco Zangara 6 years ago in Products / KNX updated 5 years ago 47

iRidium Studio is compatible with IPBoas774, IP Interface 730 and 731?

Studio not find this devices during import.


Will USB KNX / Raspberry Pi Interface work with IR server?

Tanapol E. 6 years ago in Products / KNX updated 6 years ago 8

Will USB KNX Interface work with IR server?

such as this one 


or this one

rPI will see this as /dev/ttyAMA0 not sure if I can use kBerry for this or not?)


how to run scenes in iridium

sachinb 7 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 2

button with 3 different status

Duncanvsmith996 7 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 years ago 9

I get 3 fan statuses low (0/1), med (0/1) and high(0/1). I want to change and indication of a button in 3 different states.What button type must I use (trigger)?



Доступ к BAOS через интернет

i3pro работает с BAOS по внешнему статическому ip стабильно в Москве и области и из многих других мест (объект в Москве). Но, клиент перемещается по тем местам где он не работает (Сочи, Испания, США...). Там связи с BAOS нет, причем отображение ip камер на этом объекте в i3 работает везде. Как можно объяснить это, а лучше решить проблему? (Мысли: TTL маленький, ping большой, блокировка портов операторами...)

P.S. В Испании через прокси работает. Проблема на разных объектах


Is your KNX driver manufacturer specific?

Laynd 7 years ago in Products / KNX 0

Will Shneider MTN6500-0113 KNX IP Router work with Iridium KNX drivers? I am new to KNX platform, need some insight.

Waiting for user's reply

How to control KNX through internet by using knx ip router

Punith 7 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 7 years ago 4

We are using KNX - IP ROuter and HDL KNX devices are connected in the control panel , It works locally while we try to connect through internet it does not work, Kindly make a solution for it, Advanced thanks