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UMC server can't found in Transfer when wrong Gateway IP-address is used

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 7 лет назад в Server Solutions / UMC Server обновлен 7 лет назад 4


When this is the situation in the configuration of the UMC Server:

Subnet mask


The Transfer is not able to find the UMC-server.

Please give a warning if the installer is using a Gateway IP-address that is not in the same subnet like the IP-address:

"Warning: the specified IP-address is not in the same subnet like your Gateway IP-address. Continue? "



Good day, Theo.

1 - Thanks for the comment.

2 - You are able to change the network settings to the right?


Hi, UMC Support

Yes, i was able to change the network settings, and after i changed the Gateway IP-address to the right one it was ok.

But give a warning to the installer when the wrong IP-address is used, it can save much time for the installer to search for the reason.



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Oksana, we don't want to vote for a BUG.

2 days Oleg logged-in on a UMC-server, and this UMC-server had the same problem !

So, fix this a.s.a.p. and give a warning to installers with wrong configured IP-configuration.



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