i3 Server acting like a real HDL-Bus device?

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would it be possible that i3 Server pro can act and react like a real HDL-Buss Device?

In a real installation, there is a mix of Control-Panels like an iPad/iPhone/Android-Tab and real HDL-Bus enabled panels like the DLP panel or switches. It wouldn't be possible to control actions on the i3 server from other panels than i3 panels.

For example, it should be possible to send dimmervalues directly to the i3 server. the i3 server should act like a 12channel dimmer for example. So it would be possible to trigger normal dimming actions from every HDL Bus Device like it would be a real dimmer. Or for example the i3 server should have UniversalSwitches like the HDL LogicModule, so that we can set and read this UniversalSwitches from any HDL-Bus device, etc.

So, please include a method to add "virtual" HDL-Bus-Devices per channel basis like a DimmerChannel or a UniversalSwitch. Also, additional "virtual" devices would be fine like a temperatur module or a curtain module that gets the values from within i3 Server variables...

Also, please include an option to update the current time and GMT+/-offset via the i3 Server to the LogicModule. So that the annoying daylightsaving time would be automatically corrected on the HDL-Bus.


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Martin Lang - MEB Austria

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yes, this would be the only way to make virtual channels and logic in HDL


so, any updates? i learned that this feature is also called "dummy" on other automation systems...

Hello Martin,

We respect your desire to see this functional, but we want to get votes from only real integrators. Unfortunately, our team can't research all ideas, and especially, we choose the idea with many voices.

Thank you!


difficult to reach all integrators, i don't think they're all reading each forum entry. :-)

i think this "dummy" feature should be integrated for all drivers, not only hdl-bus.

but ok, i keep my fingers crossed...

any updates on this? or, can you tell me how a HDL Bus device can directly trigger an action within iridium server including dimming action?


ok you can close this, wrote a JD driver by myself.

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martin lang

could you explane how you solve this:) maybe project example

can you send me your email? some parts of the hdl-protocol are not for the public, so i don't want any troubles... :-)


Many thanks. In near feature we have similar task.

Hello Martin, i have the same problem, can you help me with the solution you find ?

my mail is romain.t4p(a)gmail.com

Many thanks

Could you send me too, please.

Thanks. pivovarov at gmail.com

Hello! I would like to update this question. whether it was possible to solve this problem? The question arose inclusion BOSE audio system with HDL-breakers. The only solution is Iridium. but I can not find a solution.

Hello, we don't plan to add this functionality in the near future, but as Martin say it is possible to catch HDL messages with JS and process them (send commands to Bose or other devices). Please contact to Martin, if he don't mind to share his solution


Данный функционал сейчас на согласовании, принятие решения март-апрель. Пока оставляем на голосовании. Кстати, это идея есть и на английском, там лучше голосовать ;) http://support.iridiummobile.net/topics/8608-i3-server-acting-like-a-real-hdl-bus-device/