is it possible to send e-mail from server?

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Is it possible to send an e-mail from server which will be triggered by a value received from knx datapoint ?



Unfortunately, at the moment we don't have ready solutions for e-mail services.

That's right, Nikolay! Sorry, it's my mistake.

still not working for me=( maybe I setup wrong?


Nikolay, try to edit script like this

   IR.SetGlobalListener(IR.EVENT_GLOBAL_TAG_CHANGE, function(name, value){
      if(value != 0)
         tag = name;
         IR.Log("Active Global Listener: " + name + "\tValue: " + value);
         send("hello", 0);
         send("auth", 0);
   // When changing Virtual 1 and Virtual 2 tags via the web, emails of different content will be sent to the indicated e-mail address 
   IR.SubscribeTagChange("Server.Tags.Virtual 1"); 
   IR.SubscribeTagChange("Server.Tags.Virtual 2");

The project has a mistake in the word hello

it should be like this send("hello", 0);

thanks nikolay. if it works that would solve my client wish.