Instructions on adding testers in Testflight

Instructions on adding testers in Testflight:

1. Send us the AppleID of the device where you want to test the iRidium beta version (iOS 8 and later). From then on you will be able to access this account and download the beta version on any iOS device.
How to learn the device AppleID: go to Settings -> iTunes Store, App Store -> upper line.
2. Install the Testflight application from the AppStore on your device.
3. Wait for the invitation e-mail which will come to your AppleID about your adding in the list of beta version testers. There will be a button to confirm the adding, click it.
4. Wait for the e-mail about the start of the iRidium beta version testing. There will be a button for application download in the e-mail. After clicking the button the Testflight application will start and the iRidium beta version will start downloading.

Attention! The e-mails have to be opened on the device with the AppleID you sent us. Do not use third-party mail agents to open the e-mails - use the standard iOS mail agent or enter your mail account via the Safari browser.

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