How to Upload a Server Project onto iRidium Server

Uploading *.SIRPZ project onto the server is done the same way a project is uploaded to i2Control client, that is with the help of iRidium Transfer on your PC.

With the help of iRidium Transfer you can transfer a server project from iRidium Studio to iRidium Server or select one of projects for download.

Data can be transferred to a control panel from Transfer, if they are located within one IP-subnet. Transfer can Search control panels within the sub-net and start uploading a project and a license.

Use Search to add a server to Transfer

"Search" will add to Transfer all Servers, where iRidium Server is launched:

1. Launch iRidium Server:
for Windows: launch iRidium Server.exe app on PC;
for Logic Machine, GC Box: connect them to the same IP-subnet, where Transfer is launched;

2. Press «Search» button in Transfer (a window with a network scanning bar will appear)
All available iRidium Server - Server_name (Server) will appear in "Panels & Servers" tab.
Image 8788

Add a project to Transfer

Перетаскиванием (1) или кнопкой «Добавить проект» (2), перенесите файл проекта в iRidium Transfer: Move a project file to iRidium Transfer by drag'n'drop (1) or with the help of "Add project" button (2).
Image 8789

In "Projects" tab server projects are marked a grey arrrow next to project name. It means that you can't open this project as a panel project in a "folder" mode.

Add a license to Transfer

To get a license, fill in this form.

Add your trial license to iRidium Transfer:
Image 8791

In Licenses tab server licenses can be distinguished by Type field, which says Server (maximal number of semultaneously connected clients, maximal number fo channels and tags on a project).

Prepare a server, a project and a license

A server added to Transfer has two red fields: "Project" and "Licence":
  • in "Project" field choose a project that you want to upload onto the server
  • in "Licence" field choose a suitable license file. A suitable Server license file is assigned automatically.
Image 8804

If you added a license, but can't choose it for your server, it means that your Trial license has expired or is actovated for HWID of another server!

Upload a project and a license onto the server

а) Upload a project bt clicking Reload in Transfer
  • the server must be launched.
  • the indicator in Transfer panel must be green
Image 8805
б) Upload a project from GUI Editor: Send To Panel
A project can be uploaded to the server during editing from iRidium GUI Editor.

  • the server must be launched.

Click "Send to Panel" to start uploading:
Image 8806

Select a server where to upload a project from the editor:

Image 8807

If you have any difficulties, study changes connected with Transfer. You may find a solution to your difficulties here.

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