Number of KNX group addresses with i2control V2.2

Patrick PETIT 6 лет назад в Продукты / KNX обновлен Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 6 лет назад 6
Are there a limitation on the number of KNX group addresses with i2control V2.2. I use the Weinzierl BAOS 772 interface that can handle 1000 address groups
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The iRidium has no limit to the number of group addresses.

In this case you will need to use two BAOS 772 interface, but iRidium have no limit of group addresses
Absolutely right. I have 10 of them and all is working just fine.
P.s. It takes lot of time to setup all this baoses :)
I have a German customer that is searching for a good visualization software. But he need 40.000 (yes, 40.000) group-addresses in his project.
Can this be done in iRidium?

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