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I am glad you found the issue. For now I can use the old program. I will let you know if I find anything else.





I was able to add the script using the old Studio program. For some reason in the new Studio 64 2019 it shows no script functions. I tried another project I had and it does show the functions. Attached is the project file.


The latest 

In JS I have function call releasePgmVol. Shown here in the old Studio. 

In Studio 2019 I can select the Script Call but there no selections for any function calls. Luckily I was able to open the project in the old studio and finish it. 

With JavaScript there is nothing that checks your code to make certain you do not have multiple variables defined, missing breaks, bad syntax or missing ";".  By using Visual Studio 2019 it will show you errors while you are typing. This helps a lot and I use it to first write my code and then add it to iRidium. I think others might like to know to help them with their code. 

On the windows units it would be nice to have a quick way of updating. 

We have a kiosk type android that starts with iRidium and when there is no project loaded, it runs the login and there is no way to exit. I have to load a project that has an exit. 

I figured it out. You have to send as hex converted to ASCII and parse through the data.

if (val < 17)
num = 0 + val.toString(16);
num = val.toString(16);
Matrix.sendData(camSlot[myCamera], 3, "81 01 04 3F 02 " + num + " FF", 1);

function SendData(slot, baud, data, hex) {
if (hex) {
var partData;
this.sendMsg("/+" + slot + "/" + baud + ":");
for (var ndx = 0; ndx < data.length; ndx = ndx + 3) {
partData = data.substring(ndx, ndx + 2);
// IR.Log("partMSG: " + partData);
this.sendMsg(parseInt(partData, 16));
this.sendMsg("/+" + slot + "/" + baud + ":" + data + ".");
this.sendData = SendData;

This will get me to System Menu, but to display project menu I have to use Show Project Menu in button program. Sometimes this command does not copy over and gets left out of a new program. I wish I could just do this in JS IR.ShowProjectMenu(). 


Is there a method to clear the developer panels from the cloud. I seemed to have reached the limit of panels and only have three that I know of that would be in developer mode. May have set some to developer mode and then loaded project from cloud. I would think once you load project from cloud it should go out of developers mode.

This happens when the program is first started, without login. It will be just a white screen for the iRidium page. There is no way to even login. You will need to get one of the SEETEC 10.1" USB DisplayLink monitors to test. For now I have a fix by placing a monitor EDID emulator on the HDMI port of the Intel NUC.