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In the Microsoft world graphics is going to XAML. It is time for GUI development for control system to also go there as well. I see a lot of the new SCADA software going there.

How about adding a command to save the project tokens instead of having to close the project?

Yes I do store the token, but the PC is being powered off and the app is not closed. I will try what Jackie suggested. It seems that the app should store these, since you never no when power can be lost.

IR.SetVariable("Tokens.Password", myPassword);


I am using kiosk mode so I need a method to get out of fullscreen or turn off no frame. There should be a IR command to control these settings.

What I found is I could run the keyboard program and then send Alt-Tab to get the keyboard to be on top. I was able to do this using the AutoHotKey program and compile the script.

Turns out you can compile autohotkey to create and exe. Problem solved.

I just found and used this feature the other day and it worked great.

Thanks Jackie, I thought about doing the same. I will give it a try.

What I need to do is simulate the Crestron DGE-100. This allows the control system touch panel and PC touch panel to be the same. We would use a Mini PC as the controller. I would be able to do advanced classrooms and training rooms without have to use Crestron at all. This would result in very large sales of iRidium software.