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Hello Aleksandr,

Automaticaly the "Read by Init" is off at all my components. So I don't think thats the problem.

See image:


But I use an Dummy for the iRidium Server. I always use the Enterprise server, not an Baos

Because I have an project where 90% of the groupadresses don’t give an reply to the read-telegram from the server, the busload goes to 80% and strange things happens when restart the server. 


1: In the studio in the entire server project. 

2: KNX, Yes, and copied from the ETS project. But there I dont have an read on start option. 


I have the same problem.

When I connect a touchpanel (Win 10) with Teamviewer (12 or 13) I have almost every time a black screen.

Clicking, restart iRidium, etc. etc. won't works.

In Windows I don't have a problem with black screens or something. It's exclusive for the the iRidium application.

Please, fix it soon.

Best wishes,

Harm Lamers

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