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But network control is for US only, not for eu models. ;-(

Please fix this issue, it’s very annoying when giving support.

But the strange thing is that when you start I3pro you can see that it does something with the graphic driver when is start on fullscreen. I use more fullscreen applications, but i3pro is the only one with this strangs behaviour.

It does something with the grapic driver. I think it's not the problem of the developers of the remote management systems.

I thing I3pro tricks the system.

But how do I send the value that I now set as text to the slider to my KNX device?

And normaly I take the feedback from my KNX device and directly relate it to the fader, how must I reverse the Math formula then? So I've I understand it, I don't connect the feedback directly, but I must use a listener to get the value then recalculate it, then set the fader?

That's a lot of work for a simple logarithmic fader. @ Aleksandr Romanov time to implementing it to Iridium Studio ;-)


I have tried it to make a  logarithmic curve on a Level.

This works I adjust the value of the fader to max 1000 so it's more precise and adjust the script:

function FromSlider(value)
  return Math.round(Math.pow(value, 2)/10000);

var OurSlider = IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem("Item 1");//it is our slider
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_RELEASE, OurSlider, function()//release listener
   OurSlider.Text = FromSlider(OurSlider.Value)+ '%';  //Get value from slider, convert it to value^2 and write to the slider text 

   OurSlider.Value = FromSlider(OurSlider.Value);

But now I got the following problem, I also need feedback from the KNX driver.

Now when I set the value to 25% that's when I set the fader to 50%, the feedback set the fader back to 25%.

How do I solve this?

And can I do this, does it work to set the KNX driver: 

OurSlider.Value = FromSlider(OurSlider.Value);

Yesterday I have tried to repeat it on the new version of iridium studio.

I haven't be able to repeat the issue.

Thank you, I gonna try it.


That's too bad, it would be a big improvement when you can select linear or logarithmic in the level properties.

I can't imagine that I'm the only one with that issue.

But for now, how can I do it with use of JS?

I already have a server project ad a new custom AV driver, then a make a command. For example audio on zone 1, command ‘SET_FADER(1,65)\r’. Then I clone it 5 times, change the name to audio on zone 2, change command ‘SET_FADER(2,65)\r’ and so on. Than I save the server project. Go back to the client, sync the server. 

Then it doesn’t sync the first clone.