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Если есть в наличии MQTT брокер, то можно использовать драйвер MQTT в проекте. Публиковать сервером нужные данные, а сторонняя программа по подписке будет забирать.

Clarification: iRridium server listens to the first interface, ignores the rest. Therefore, to access from different networks you need to configure the FORWARD on your router and on clients specify the route to through router

route -p add mask metric 1 if 12

Now the operating system dos not know about the address, the result of ipconfig confirms it. To configure and verify the route, connect subnet and retry:

ipconfig /all

You have two interfaces and only one is enabled, with address There is no address from the subnet Did you shut down the interface?

Then you need to register routes in both directions. Give the result:

ipconfig /all

You want to go to the address from the subnet - I correctly understood?