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Any update on when it will be ready for i3 pro?

When do you expect it to be ready for i3pro? Thanks

I would also like to be included for the alexa testing

Hi, Thanks for your resonse. I have tried this and path is ok. Checked it directly from phone and no permissions required. Even tried using one of iridium test https link and no joy. Any other suggestions?


Hi Ekaterina. Any update? its just i am integrating this into a clients house and need to know will it work for him? Many thanks

Hi. Any update on why no communication with onkyo amp? Regards
Hi Ekaterina. Did you receive log?
Hi. I am using a demo licence on windows 7 pc

Hi, I have downloaded this interface and am trying to connect to my onkyo amp with no success. I have added ip address and port in driver box, but it is not communicating. Can you please advise. I can control onkyo amp with onkyos own app ok via smart phone. Thanks