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forgot to mention - I'm not trying to use IR.DesignSwitch - this is just a straight IR.DownloadProject
I also seem to be having a problem.

I can run the command in emulator and I see the following output, but when I run it from a handset, nothing happens?.
(The emulator on my PC does actualy try to download)

[08-10-2015 19:21:26.416] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: method
[08-10-2015 19:21:26.416] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: login
[08-10-2015 19:21:26.416] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: password
[08-10-2015 19:21:26.417] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: port
[08-10-2015 19:21:26.418] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: multiproject
[08-10-2015 19:21:26.418] ERROR GetPropertyFromObject . No property: name
[08-10-2015 19:21:29.300] DEBUG CCustomHTTPDevice(1): StartConnect()
[08-10-2015 19:21:30.062] DEBUG Redirected to:*/<ShareID of iprz on GoogleDrive>?e=view
[08-10-2015 19:21:32.297] DEBUG CCustomHTTPDevice(1): StartConnect()
[08-10-2015 19:21:35.301] DEBUG CCustomHTTPDevice(1): StartConnect()
[08-10-2015 19:21:36.406] DEBUG CDialogSystem::ShowPage( irr_loader_root)

This would be really handy - any plans to include?
Hi Haris,

Driver is more or less completed, just need to put together some documentation and make it available for testing.

Will be available next week.


Writting one now (well getting back to finishing it) - might have just found my two beta testers ;)
Figured this out - stop is a ramp value of 2%... not 2 !

So, three buttons, each using the shutter relay lighting command set to Ramp :
Up = 255
Stop = 5
Down = 0
Thanks Olga,

Any idea of when? I'm quoting on a job now and this is fucntionality the client would like :)

Thanks Oksana,

I'm looking for advice on how I should be setting this up, if trigger buttons are wrong, what settings should I be using for normal buttons? (Currently trying to use multiple buttons.)

Have reattached the project

Thanks Oksana.

It still seems I have a problem with the stop function for the blind.

I had set a trigger button to 255/255 to raise the blind, another to 0/0 to lower the blind and another to 2/2 to stop the blind.

That seemed to work but I just realised that after pressing the stop button a second time i.e. blind is turning, I press stop (which correctly stops the blind) and then if I press stop again the blind starts turning again.

Can you please confirm what the values for my trigger button should be and if I have used the right logic for separate up/down/stop buttons?

Thanks Oksana,

Do you have an example of the script logic I'd need?