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Any news on Onvif Protocol ? Is it now implemented?

Ok, after checking "Vuong Xuan Phuc" solution we came to the results: yes you can find the variables somewhere deep in the program files and then copy them, separate them and figure out what is what... but the whole procedure is kind of pointless because time-wise it will not safe you much time if any at all.

So my original post stands please add a function into Iridium were we can save Commands and Feedback into a file format for proof reading, troubleshooting etc..

Everybody please keep voting for this so Iridium Team can implement this.

Thank you all....

:)) ok... i understand but this is not what we need... This whole procedure makes it at least as time consuming as going trough every channel and check each variable as it was written in the original post. I agree this is some solution but not the right one.

Ok i did that... Now i found lets say variable "With lighting schedule"

<Tag ID="1" Name="With_Lighting_Schedule" Size="7" Data="01, 03, 50, C3, 00, 00, 05"/>

where is the variable in this ?

In the program the variable is R 50000.5

ok i did that after unpacking i dont have project.xml.... i have config.xml and i opened that one with notepad but it doesn't show the program variables only settings stuff

"You open your file by Notepad"

which file ? 

 xxxx.irpz file ?

Hi Alexsandr,

i now have linphone as SIP server. Is there any guide line how to set the Doorbird up ?

Hi Alexsandr,

Do you think a sip server could run parallel to the Iridium Server on the Rasberry Pi?

Hi Aleksandr,

i did not know that i need a sip server. Couldn't find any Documentation for DoorBird. I thought it work without as the original Door Bird App works also without it.

Hello Post,

Have you managed to run Sonos over the server yet? I was trying to do the same and was wondering if anybody had done this so far.