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Again i would like to ask if the last HUE version (clean version without log comments) has now the ability to select multiple lamps?

Also making a folder in commands or Feedbacks would be nice. You could then sort them better in categories. Lets say Folder "Blinds/Curtains" or Folder "Light Circuits" for example

That’s all thank you

No i want to have the Buttons status (Relation) set by the script.

Right now i need to set the relation of the button by selecting the dropdown list and then choose a feedback channel to connect with this button....

I would like to do this via the script.

Why?  because if you have 200 Buttons it will be easier to change the channel via script other than to click on each button in the GUI and then dropdown list and then scroll to find the feedback then select feedback...


Thank you for your reply. One thing i have not understood is how to the set the relations of a button in JS 

Something is not working anymore i can not log in anymore... Always get an error message... Maybe NEST change something ?

Using this we get an error after pressing the Authorize button and the webpage opens .

Oops! We’ve encountered an error. Please try again.

Object doesn't support property or method 'includes'

Hello Dimitry,

I wanted to ask if you had time to add the selector switch for the other HUE Lamps in the clean version "HUE.rar"  

Right now the Version above you send doesnt allow more than 1 Lamp

I am just testing this on the emulator and every time i start the emulator i need to log in on the webpage. How does it work at the custerms Tablet? if he closes I3 app?

Thank you Francesco...This is very helpful. I will have closer look at it.