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If i understand correctly, you want to send a command for the second time only after a certain time, right? Couldn't you also use the puls command for it? if you set puls the signal could be 500ms on, 500ms off, 500ms on, etc...

When it is not useful to send the command multiple times you could always use the release event.

The delay option looks to me as if the command is ran after 500 ms when the event is triggered (even for the first time).

I can confirm at least the site license and some basic commands work with the iTach Flex. I haven't had an opportunity to test it thoroughly but it should be OK. The module type I added to the project was "iTach IP2IR"

Hi TuomoHataula,

I think that is essentialy what is requested in this topic. Quite a few people have voted for it and it is planned. Maybe someone from iRidium Support can give an estimate of a probable completion date.

ok, then i will have to do that.

is there any way to remove all listeners from an item or can i remove a listener by referencing it from a variable?
The only way i currently know how to remove a listener is not really straightforward because i will have to add a RemoveListener line every time i use AddListener so it's easy to make mistakes.

Just to confirm, a listener is automatically removed when you delete the item, correct?
I tested this with the following code but i would like to know for sure i'm not accidentally leaving stuff in memory:

function press (){IR.Log("abc");}

for( var i = 0; i > 5000; i++){
IR.GetItem("Page 1").CreateItem(IR.ITEM_BUTTON,'Button',10,10,200,100);
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem('Button'), press);
IR.DeleteItem(IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem('Button'));

IR.GetItem("Page 1").CreateItem(IR.ITEM_BUTTON,'Button',10,10,200,100);
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_ITEM_PRESS, IR.GetItem("Page 1").GetItem('Button'), press);
Hi Theo,

I have used FreePBX but that was in combination with a Comelit system.
This did work with two-way audio (and one way video) but it isn't extensively tested yet.
These are my settings in iRidium:

Removing pages with all items on them would be a nice feature, but this should indeed be enough.
I thought removing listeners and pages wasn't possible yet, but if it is the limit of 1024 should be more than enough.
Thank you!
That's ok. I just didn't know there was a limit so i had some no-op functions in there that i can remove easily and with some work i might be able to combine some others.

Could you try and work out something in a future version to make sure we don't run into problems with this?
I can imagine there will be much larger projects than the one i'm working on.
These are my suggestions:
  • make it possible to remove listeners
  • let us reference created listeners (like items) so the current functions can be read and amended.
  • even better, make it possible to remove complete pages including all of its elements and listeners. This could also help with memory usage and other limits.
Could you please give me an update on this question?
Would this be a possibility, and if so, what would a reasonable timeframe be to consider?