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I can confirm 1.2.1 doesn't change anything for me because I do use scripts.

If you could let us know which version of iRidium will contain the fix that would be great!

Thanks for the clarification Theo.

I completely agree with this so you have my vote!

Hi Theo,

Could you specify what you mean by auto-updating? Do you mean automatic updates of the iRidium software or the project itself?

If you mean the software should update without any interaction of the installer i strongly disagree! I want to be in control and choose when/how to update.

If you mean it should be possible to push updates remotely I think that is a very good feature indeed. (if done securely)

i voted against. If you are going to do more complicated stuff, including script calls, just use scripts and call a function. It's not a bad idea but I'd rather see time spent on other ideas (a lot of them yours)

It is possible when you are using remote debugging by setting the messages to INFO.

You will miss a couple of other messages but errors in your code are generally still shown. A syslog server is required so it takes a bit more setup but I like it because you can use it to test on an iPad itself.

for more info see:

could you try to use a simple alphanumeric password if you haven't already? I have had problems with using special characters in the past.

Yes, I think you are right. I mentioned it because i can imagine both things would require the same kind of changes but the one does not necessarily require the other.

Ok, then i've misunderstood the problem i guess. thanks for clarifying!