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Hi Patrick,

I don't know if it possible to do what you want, but i have been able to make things work using Moxa converters:
maybe you could use a RS232 to WiFi converter?
With most devices it is then possible to just use the TCP driver for iRidium to send commands to the device.

Hi Jarryd,

your first post was on a friday (after work hours for my time zone) and you asked for help again on a saturday. In my experience you will always get an answer and it will usually be fast, but it will mostly be between working hours.

I don't have experience with beckhoff equipment, but i do work with modbus.
Generally, setting bits is done by setting coils. Discrete inputs are also set as bits. would this be a possibility for you? Setting individual bits of a holding register can be done, but it isn't the most straightforward way and is more error prone as you would probably have to send the whole dword whenever one bit changes.
I'm not opposed to the other solution so let's go for that one then.
Hi all,

I agree with Ekaterina this should be optional and not default. The proposed implementation should work but i would like to suggest an alternative:

I think this makes it clearer you are using a different action and leaves more options to include even more actions in the future.

var device = IR.GetDevice("Modbus TCP");
this.Pulse = function() {
device.Set(options.address, 1);

var unset = function(){
device.Set(options.address, 0);

IR.SetTimeout(500, unset);

like this? :-)
do make sure the time pressed can be configurable if you are going to integrate this. not all systems respond to a button press equally fast.
the settings can be changed in the gallery, but the image from the gallery cannot be assigned to an item created by a script. I create every object (pages,items,popups) by script. that's why this is a problem for me. If I would be able to assign the h.264 image from the gallery to an object created by script it would be fine but right now this feature is severely limited for me.
Hello Ekaterina,

This would be a good solution if it would be possible to set up H264 streams this way. Julia has said in this topic this doesn't work right now but a fix is planned. I don't think it is very important that we are able to change the settings by script, but i do think it is very important that we are able to change the settings for h.264 streams at all.
If this can't be done the camera has to work with default settings or it doesn't work at all.
Please consider making one of the fixes a priority.
Mail sent, please let me know if you would like more information.
Right now the stream is working, but it takes a while to start. i suspect this is mainly because of the default probe size. Is there a way to set this parameter by script?
It would be best if other settings like Demuxer could also be set.

If it is not possible right now, do you have a timeframe for the implementation?
I agree with your point, but I don't think that's a reason to vote against. Every new feature is a bad feature when it is not implemented correctly.
creating your own browser for this purpose would indeed be insane and for IOS it isn't even possible.
Apple’s App Store policies state: “Apps that browse the web must use the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit Javascript.”
That being said, using the IOS WebKit framework to show a webpage should be a peace of cake. The same goes for other platforms.