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Hi Dmitry,

I use iRidium Server on Windows 10 PC, and i not have this option on driver.

But I have 4 Server on my project, so i can't have all with same address.

Hello Aleksandr,

No, the problem isn't solved on iRidium.

But I change my program for work same iRidium driver.

Sorry Ilya, I not understand.

If the issue is on ets project, why iridium can load descriptions when import 772 and not when import 774?

More I still not understand what mean "...because there is no full link datapoints and group addresses in ets.". Into knxproj I see all information of datatypes

Hi Ilya,

Now String is imported, but can you give me more detail for description and 32 type issue?

I try insert an Energy meter (ABB ZS/S1.1) and connect 4bytes-float to it, but still iridium not import it correctly.

yes, sorry..i wrong digit a letter...

I try beta exe and  now it import 774, but:

Good day Ilya,

I try beta exe and  not it import 774, but:

- 4 float bytes (Dpt14) is import as unsigned 32 bit (Dpt12 4 byte unsigned value) and not as float 32 bit

- 14 bytes character string (Dpt16) is import as 1 bit switch (Dpt1) and not as ASCII String

- Description of datapoint is not import (with 772 are imported)

ETS5 project for test

New project.knxproj

Hi Aleksandr,

I try 731 and 774 with manual import.

Both work , 731 with IP Router, 774 with 772 driver.

Now, i have 4 customer that have buy 774 for use with iridium and now they have urgent to this fix!

So, with 773 an 774 i can use only tunneling side and not the object server side...

in next days i try insert manually the baos, command and feedback into project and connect it with an 774.

Good day Igor,

the knxproj posted is only for test.

in my case i have only an baos 774 on project, so i need insert manual all object because studio not recognized it when import knxproj.

More, if i have an interface 731 or an router 751, studio not recognized it and not import group address.

iRidium Studio

New project.knxproj

This knxproj contain all ip device of weinzierl (Router 750 and 751, Interface 730 and 731, Baos 771,772,773,774 and 777).

Importer find only Router (i not know if find 750 or 751 or interface), boas 771,772 and 777.