Your comments

blue icon mean that the panel need update the project

green icon mean that the panel have updated project

red icon mean that an error occurred while updating (read the bottom log to more info)

click on bottom left. all the page have an hidden bottom here

mmm...the log show an correct update for RaspberryPi3 (and it have a green icon)

the red icon (on Your PC) mean that an error is occur when you try download the project. Can you try update it and read the log?

Can you do a screenshot of all Transfer window?

on bottom part of this window is a log ;)

Hello Jongbum,

2 point:

1. the video is for iRidium 2.0.0 and you use iRidium 3

2. *.TP4 is a panel project and you can try search on server device

Try open the project list on panel device (for example "USER (Your PC)" ), here you should find it.

You need 2 RPi3:

1. With Raspbian for i3 Server

2. With Android for i3 Pro

I not sure, but i think that you need create:

1. an AV & Custom Driver (HTTP) with host "", port "80", login "admin" and password "admin"

2. an command object with type "GET" and URI "/Monarch/syncconnect/sdk.aspx?command=StartRecording".

I have same problem. With last release, audio is good, but it's still under quality of other app.

I test the driver with 2 different PBX (MyPBX on Yeastar SOHO and RasPBX on raspberry), with 3 different client (Zoiper, Vasercontrol and iRidium) and on 3 different device (Notebook with Windows 10, Gigaset Maxwell with Android and iPad with iOS10).

Any configuration have a Fastell doorstation as answer device.

iRidium is the bad client for audio quality, it have a "metallic" effect on the voice, but I can speak with my partner.

Hi Dmitry,

i fix the problem with an uninstall and re-install iridium studio (and all components).

Hi Dmitry,

I try re-start the emulator, but still it's not work.

Another project with same problem...this project work on customer's device with licence.