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Yes but the problem is that i cannot make call to SIP Client if it's not online.

Ok thank you for the answer.

So my camera client (103) is connected to SIP Server.

Also iRidium SIP Client (100) is connected to SIP Server.

When I push call button on door camera -> it will call for example to client 100 and everything works fine.

But if iRidium Client is not open it will not be connected to SIP Server so when i try to call iRidium SIP Client nothing happens of course.

Is it possible to run iRidiun SIP driver in background mode? So it would be online all the time?

I think client was different version than server. But yes i think this is solved.

I upgraded my desktop i3 Pro to latest and it started to work again. I hope iOS client will also start to work after update.

Also wireshark is logging all this UDP traffic.

I disabled feature called "Enable anonymous PTZ control login (no user name or password required" and now i can control camera but I need to find solution to control it with authentication.

So for example if i have nodejs client that will connect to server and send requests / commands to iRidium server, is there iRidium server RECEIVE script EVENT so i can log requests / commands and use the in my script?

We are still trying to solve this problem and we noticed that always when Script garbage memory collected, it causes a project to run unstable and UI will cut out for a moment!

Is there big difference between i2 Control and i3 Pro regarding memory usage?

I am using i3 Pro 1.0.8

Ok thank you for responding. That is VERY weird because I have 3 iPad Air 2:s with newest iOS and all of them are running very unstable with that project.

Is there any cause for this? I made a test where i removed all EVENT_WORK:s, and all IR.Setinterval:s.

I also removed many popups but project is still very unstable on my iPad.

This has clearly something to do with new i3 Pro because on i2Control projects run VERY smoothly and there was no issues at all.