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We have fixed the error with sheduler in the new version of Iridium 1.2.11


We've added this feature


Sorry for delay with answer. This problem was fixed in version 1.1.5 and not repeat in the last versions of iridium


We have fixed the problem with names in BAOS 774. Please try it in latest version 1.2.10

I tried with your project and saw the same situation that I wrote to you before. Descriptions are not imported for both devices because they are not in the ETS project. 

This is description for the BAOS 777 in ETS

But after import in iRidium we have the names for cannels, not description

If you mean that the names for BAOS 777 and BAOS 774 are imported differently, then I agree with you.

We know about this problem and we will try to fix it.


Sorry but i do not quite understand you. Please describe in more detail what do you want

mmm...I have set the automatic description on ets parameter, so i can see it...

Sorry, but I think this property is only used for showing in ETS. Ie this property is not saved in the project.

For example:

1) I switched on the same property for my project, which has BAOS 777 and BAOS 774

2) As we can see, ETS shows descriptions in the project

3) Then i imported this ETS project in iRidium. And we see that there are no descriptions for both devices. Instead, only names are used.

Iridium always uses descriptions as a name when you use import for ETS project, if they are specified in the ETS project.

But in this situation we see that names are used instead of descriptions. So there are no descriptions in the ETS project.


Object 11 not have the "Read" and "Initial" flag, but iRidium import it with "Read on start" option.

Thanks for the info. Yes, when importing your ETS project into the studio, for all feedbacks "Read on start" is set to "True". We will try to investigate this problem. And if this is possible, we will try to fix this problem.

More...Still iRidium not import the description when import the Baos (sorry, i can't find my old thread for this issue).

Sorry, but I do not see any descriptions in your project.

Please try adding descriptions to your project and try to import this project into the studio.


We have fixed the problem with description in new version 1.2.7

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