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Vaclav is right. The problem was in IP-ID. I didn't see, that it hex. Now it works fine. Many thanks!

About settings store, I tryed it on Android 6. 

I'm joining to your club i3Lite Server re-installers

I founded that settings of the Crestron I entered doesn't match the settings from the page "Module Info" (Gear button).
And I didn't see any messages in WireShark.

I entered

Setting from gear button

Why 41795 for telnet? In Crestron settings 41795 is CTP port, Telnet is 23.

In my SIMPL programm the panel IP-ID = 20. 

No, this is my first attempt to connect Iridium with Crestron.

I'm sorry, but still don't where you have intellectual property risks. Everething in your hands. User account doesnt have access to download project.

Why this scheme doesnt work?

Developer: Give me Customer email

Installer: Ok. It is
Developer: I have uploaded your project to Cloud. For access use login:, password: 123789

Installer: Ok. Customer, your login is your email, password 123789. Enjoy

Customer: Thanks

I do not understand what the problem is.

If the project is stored in the cloud, how your customer can get him another method without login?