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Can you point me any examples? You're not suggesting that the AMX server itself needs to be modified to support Google Home, right? I can wait 3 days for the macros modification rather than using relays but an example would be still helpful as I am not very familiar with macros. This AMX project was automatically generated from iRidium 2.x with no modifications and works great in 3.0 server. Let's say I have a button on port 24, channel 49. It would be helpful to have a description of how to invoke that from the Gate for Google Home and AMX modules.

Note that I can't even verify that Google Home knows about the iRidium gate but that is another issue that I will open.

Jackie, thanks for helping to verify the pproblem: a bug in the Android version. I'll try QRCode.

Thanks for your response, Theo.

Although my URL was not exactly the same they all still point to valid files. I've now added links to the exact paths per the wiki but I still get the same problem, which isn't really surprising, I suppose, since all of the paths actually download the files in the same way when just using the link without the iridium://webupdate? prefix.

For what it's worth, I'm having the same problem with Android devices. The HWID keeps changing. I only mention it because all of the other responders report this happening on iOS devices only.