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Yes, that's right!

Now, Iridium i3 pro is not yet developed so that my customer can edit the schedule by themselves, EX: schedule, circulate, random,..It still depends on the installer, 
it's quite complicated. So you can see the photo below:


I want to set ON lighting : 7,9,11,13,..hour 

repeat: Mon, Tu, Wen, Thu, Fri

Can you guide for me!


Now, I don't see repeat setting schedule by hours!


i using version 


With Window server then it's OK

but if i use raspberry then it's not OK. 

I reboot raspberry server after 2-3 minutes , it still not ok


I use iridium studio 2019 version then it's success.

Thank you!


the states do not saved

after server reboot. I try to save EventData tag within DB but

without success. 

Can you upload project for me?


I try test JS of you, but IR.Log is notice :

EventEdit = in_schedule.GetEvent(in_NewData.Name);

[29-10-2019 22:39:49.855] WARNING SCRIPT Script exception: RangeError: C:\Users\Admin\Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Documents\Schedule_edit\scripts\serverCript.js:95: error


I hope that this schedule early in the future