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Would it be posible to make an extension with the full command list for VS(Code). To make intellisense working in a visual studio enviroment?

Oke thx for the quick feedback. Any way that you guys could add a simple checkbox in the options menu to keep the log open on emulator closing for future versions? Seems like a small fix .

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate the effort for making this happen.

I do have a small question.

Do you allow for multiple drivers in 1 csv file or does it need to be 1 driver --> 1 csv?

Any progress on this?

I'm sorry to hear this has very low priority. In this day and age manual copy/paste work is no longer done or for the least should be kept to a bare minimum. Please keep me update on progress on this. Kind regards and thanks for the quick responses

That's correct.

I suppose that's what's this function is for?

in the drivers section there's an option "Scan -> External Import -> Import from TCP/ File/ Http". How does this function work? the purpose for us is to generate an xml from our systemfiles and then import this file in iridium hereby elimenating the need to manually create drivers and commands/feedbacks for Helvar. Is this allready functional? Would you be so kind to share a little insight in how this will be structured?

I just had a call with Theo and he explained some things to me. This is indeed clearer now. I was just a misunderstanding from my part. sorry for the inconvenience.

could/will this behaviour be added to native tool set?

We do not want to give the customer the login. protection your intellectual property. we do the installation and the customer is simply a "user". they have no clue to how everything is working. an end user company is not happy to give us ( the installers) access to there email-servers to recieve 1 mail. if you use a client-employee's email adress and that person leaves the company what happens then? and they do not want to set up a special mailbox that has to be monitored(?) If they later want an update, we are happy to visit them again.

Situation Now: Upload Project -> invite user ("somewhere@ABC.com") => installer(XYZ) has no control.

as a intermediate solution would it be possible to do the following.

Upload project -> invite user("IridiumMobile.ABC@XYZ.com") BUT send actual invite to "IridiumMobile@XYZ.com"

the login "IridiumMobile.ABC@XYZ.com" would then be used for the app. this way the installer could monitor the box himself.

I hope you understand better now

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