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Every installer can see this name in the Transfer.

And if you have 4 or 5 servers running (testing, building, implementing) it's confusing to see they are called 'UMC Server'. or 'iRidium Server'

That's the reason.



Hi Benno!

yes, this is a great idea, i love it!

now, the list is one big mess, with all brands etc. 'not-sorted'; some 'sortingoptions' would be great.

Let's vote for it ;-)



ok, we informed the installer to test again...

BTW: the installer is missing the DPBRLCD02 (Rainbow LCD). Why this is not implemented? in plans?

- The temperature from DTSC02/04 is not showed in i3 Lite

- DTEM is also not working

- input from ISM04/08 module is not working. This is not working from inside the app.


The installer did this....

The even deleted the complete i3 Lite app, re-installed it and created a new project...

Without any result...


This is tested by professional Domintell-installer.

With no result: when a password is added, the i3 Lite scanner is not working --> there is a message: no connect.

Please fix



the reason is simple for only 5 votes: only a very small number of installers knows this forum. From that number of installers, only a part is reading all ideas/bugs, and voting for it... I can't help :-(

So, ok: waiting for more votes :-)

What's the status for the iRidium Server running as a service???

Our installers expect this is a standard future in a high-end package like iRidium mobile....

Why it's still not working/implemented?



Hi Alexander,

This is great, thanks!

We're waiting for the doc + examples!