We have moved our support service to a new technical support system. Since 17.01.2022, we have disabled the ability to create appeals through the userecho personal account. Now all requests are processed via mail to support@iridi.com .

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формирование OSC (OpenSoundControl) комманд ?

Ramil Vafin 8 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by otinoff 10 months ago 9
Under review

Интеграция с Xiaomi

artur_fcsm 3 years ago in Modules updated by Anton Popov 1 year ago 10

Удаление серверов из личного кабинет

AlexDr 6 years ago in Оther updated by Наталья Вяткина 1 year ago 4
На рассмотрении


Alexey Frolov 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

Поддержка 264 кодека в Sip-домофонии

Raz1958 6 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 1 year ago 8
Under review

Запуск IridiumServer как службы Windows

jack2006 3 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Игорь Машуков 1 year ago 5

ZigBee для i3Pro

Alexander 5 years ago in Modules updated by Vyacheslav Shorin 1 year ago 8