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Yes. Create an account with local administrator rights and install i3 pro in its profile. You need to start i3 pro with administrator rights, this is important. If you have multiple accounts and you want to allow them all to work with i3 pro, then they must all be local administrators.


i3 pro must be installed with administrator rights and must start with administrator rights. This will not change in the future.


Thank you, we will convey this wish to the developer of the platform we use. Unfortunately, we can't finalize this on our own.

Дмитрий, добрый день.

Вы не проверяли версию модуля Onvif, которую мы приложили 11.02.2021?

Yes, there are a lot of things will have to be rewritten. In addition, the attached module uses OAuth version 1.

After adding the HDL Intreface, click on the "+" in the upper-right corner, then click HDL Scanner.

In the module, you need to specify the gateway settings (host and port) through which you want to work with HDL. If you have a local connection, then you do not need to specify any usernames and passwords. If the settings are correct, the scanner can find your HDL devices located behind the HDL gateway.


We recommend using the HDL Interface module. There is an HDL scanner.