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Hello Wouter,

I’m not talking about the combination iRidium + 2N Verso + SIP server. I’m trying to use the 2N without a SIP server. With an Asterisk (FreePBX) server in between it works (almost) perfectly.

I want iRidium to work directly with the 2N intercom. The intercom has a “sort of” server implementation, and iRidium can register correctly with the intercom. It’s just one issue with the ports that are being used. 

If I start iRidium, let it register and watch the wireshark trace to find out at which port it’s registered, then change the port in the 2N (sip:[number]@ip:port) I can call from the intercom to iRidium and vice versa. So this confirms that the setup can work, if only iRidium would offer the possibility to not use a random port.

Regards, Wouter. 

We have contacted 2N and supplied them with the same trace files. They told us the INVITE command is being sent out properly, but on port 5060 since the intercom does not contain a full-blown SIP server implementation.

On their website is a manual that describes how to configure Zoiper (softphone client) and one of the steps is to disable "Random Port" and set this to 5060.®HeliosIP?-ZoiperforiOS-directcallsettings

Can you add an option to the SIP driver that allows us to also disable the Random Port usage and instead use a static port, this would be very helpful in the project we have with this 2N intercom

So in order to fix this issue, 2N should do something? Or can you modify something in iRidium to make this work...? We kind of need this to work for a big upcoming project.

The next line, after the REGISTER command is an OK from iRidium to the intercom, so is that actually the problem?

And why does iRidium listen on port 63875 if the driver settings are set to 5060??

Can you change that listen port somewhere? I can't find it in the 2N intercom or in iRidium...


I've made a wireshark trace from both the laptop running iRidium, as well as from the 2N intercom. Attached are both files. I ran the traces until the intercom call timed out (about 40 seconds).

call from intercom to iridium - PC trace.pcapng

call from intercom to iridium - 2N trace.pcap

Intercom IP:

iRidium IP:

Although it's posted in Russian, I guess this post is about aligning groups. A function that doesn't work. 

At the moment the only advantage of the 'group' functionality is that you don't have to manually select all the items by holding the CTRL key.

When did you plan to implement group alignment?

Thanks for the script. I see that you use ScaleX and ScaleY to make the buttons larger.. in my case I only want to increase the FontSize on the button.

I've tried to modify that using:

IR.GetItem("screen").GetItem("button").GetState(0).FontSize = 30;

But it does not seem to work. Can you elaborate on this issue?

1. I'm talking about the lockscreen, not an app.

2. This feature can be build as well, call the new ValidatePassword several times with an incorrect password and let i3 wait for x-time (increasing after each failed attempt)

But I'll just keep my own JS to handle/serve the password UI instead of using the ValidatePassword function + i3 Pro built-in password management, this way the password is in plain text inside the JavaScript... much nicer solution right?

Hello Aleksandr,

Yes, we discussed it but at that time you didn't tell me that you were not going to implement this feature.

On an Apple device you also see the length of the password (using the same interface as I've built), and I don't think a company like Apple would implement something like that if it was a security issue...

Besides, we're talking about a touchscreen interface, not a banking application ;)