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Thanks for the information.

Why can't this be found in the documentation/wiki?

Hmm, now why didn't I try that?!

Problem solved, thanks.

Thank you!

Must have overlooked the sample.

Thanks for the answer.

I've created a sample project (attached) that logs the ValueX and ValueY of the joystick control on mouse Press.

The "Range type" of the control is set to "Integer", but ValueX and ValueY still contain float values.

I know I can use a round function in JS, but I think this should not be necessary.

Joystick test.irpz

In addition to validating the password it would also be extremely helpful if I was able to get the number of characters a password consists of.

To be able to dynamically build up the screen it is necessary to know how many characters are expected.

For example:

var passwordLength = IR.GetPasswordLength(1);