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Richard, zou je ons je project eens willen mailen? Misschien leuk om een keer te delen op onze socials; we hebben meer klanten die zoeken naar oplossingen voor Luxaflex (en/of Somfy). Ons email adres is:

Wil zowieso graag eens met je contacten; ik zie je naam regelmatig voorbij komen op dit forum, maar ken je nog niet ;-)


Theo Derks -

i found the 'normal' option at this page:

So, in my opinion, if the end-user can switch it off with a button, it has to be possible also to switch it off with JS??



Where is this procedure documented?

Please add it to the wiki-pages.




can you say to me: will the access to photo gallery in plans, or not? Installer is waiting for answer: yes or no....





For our installer, it’s enough to have this functionality for 1 device. So it’s not needed for the end-user (installer) to save the photo on a server.


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Beste Theo Derks - NL,

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Could you clarify what other products have this?

For your installer, it is enough to display the image from the camera in full screen, take a screenshot and use it exactly on this device.


But this is not entirely correct, because then the second phone will not have such a picture. It is better to store such images on a server and serve them on demand.

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Hi Alex,

An installer want to create buttons with a snapshot from an camera stream.

His clients (end-users) wants to create presets for PTZ-camera's, with a snapshot (image) on each button (for each preset).

So, he wants this:
1) From the camera-stream, he takes one snapsnot
2) Save this snapshot (image) to the Gallery
3) Take this image from the Gallery to bind to the button with the specific preset.

Now, this is not possible, because it's not possible to save the image in the irpz file, and also not into the photo Gallery ;-)

If you compare other home automation products, then you can see that in many products you can take a photo and save it into the Gallery.



Alexander, i tested this, and Dennis is right: it's possible to recall the 'Schemes' panel.

This is how:

Start a new panel project

Right-click on the button 'WORKSPACE' or 'SCRIPT'. And there, you will see the option 'Schemes'.

i already sent you several emails about this behaviour: make Studio 'smart' and 'intelligent', and DISABLE functions that can't be used...



ok thanks!

Great to hear!



After 4 months of waiting we still don't have an update from your side....

What's the status?

Please update us...



Hi a.pivovarov,

yes i think this is a good work-around
@Support: can you create a small example for this workaround? Until we have the new functionality available?