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is there any plan to have an iRidium IFTTT applet instead of using webhook service ? This will be more direct.


I know that when I select from the studio which variable to store it goes directly in the Iridium database. How can I choose in wich database to store the variable ?

I need to create script for that ? 

I think it will be good to add the popssibility to choose in wich directory to store the db file, and also allow, from the web server interface to select an USB or NETWORK path ... 

Don't you think is a good idea. The memory of UMC is very limited, but it can be expanded with USB drive or NETwork path (FTP, i.e) ...

Hi i try a Little bit, but i'm not so good in Linux. When you have time could you please send me step by step instruction both for, usb- flash and network folder ?

i think It could be usefull also for other users.

many thanks

is It planner also for iridium server ? It would Be great to use IFTTT on iridium server, to expand interactions with many iot devices, and software.

let ne know when we Can use on iridium server.


Same method can be applied also if I have a network path. for example a shared folder on a server or NAS ?

or it is just working internally in UMC server ?

Do I need to mount the shared folder path ?


Hi, just thinking if is there any way to let Alexa tell you something based on event. for example:

If the door bell ring, Alexa will tell you "Someone is ringing at the door, would you like me to open the door ?" and the waiting for a command (YEs/NO)


If you electrical power exeed the limit, Alexa will tell you "Attention, you're over load !, would you like me to turn off the hoven ?" and the waiting for a command  (YEs/NO).

In this way it would be much more interactive.

Please let me know.

Best regards and happy new year !

Hi, are you working also to have Iridium Skill for Alexa that work in ITALIAN ?

ok but Can i use in a timer i.e. Start fronte 11.00 AM and stop to 02.00 PM ? Or It needs ti diverti intorno Teo schedule, start 11.00AM to 12.00 AM and the 00.00 PM ti 02.00 PM ?


Hi Jackie Roos,

I'm trying to use your scheduler, I would like to use 24 hours format instead of using AM/PM, is that possible ?

What I need to do ? thanks