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  • Hi, is there any option to use IR.Execute with some parameters ? I have a windows *.bat file, that needs some parameters in the command line. is it possible to use IR.Execute with some parameters, or any alternative  ?

Could you please add some manual on how to set and read all parameters from the Scheduler ?

From the example I can see only:





is there any other items we can access ? which is the object structure ?

Adding some comments on the application ...

i have a Master controller, and I want to ba able to read modbus variables inside iridium server. So iridium Server must be set as SLAVE modbus device


After sending the "SendEx" command, I would like to use the content of cdReceiveData, cdReceiveText. How can I create a listener for that ?

I saw the IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_MUXER_TEXT, but there is no documentation on how to use it.

I don't even know if it is correct.


yes but before doing this, I should expose the directory over the network. I have to create a shared folder inside the UMC server. I can I create a shared folder inside the UMC server ?

ok, but how can i share the UMC server folder?

is there any plan to have an iRidium IFTTT applet instead of using webhook service ? This will be more direct.


I know that when I select from the studio which variable to store it goes directly in the Iridium database. How can I choose in wich database to store the variable ?

I need to create script for that ? 

I think it will be good to add the popssibility to choose in wich directory to store the db file, and also allow, from the web server interface to select an USB or NETWORK path ... 

Don't you think is a good idea. The memory of UMC is very limited, but it can be expanded with USB drive or NETwork path (FTP, i.e) ...

Hi i try a Little bit, but i'm not so good in Linux. When you have time could you please send me step by step instruction both for, usb- flash and network folder ?

i think It could be usefull also for other users.

many thanks

is It planner also for iridium server ? It would Be great to use IFTTT on iridium server, to expand interactions with many iot devices, and software.

let ne know when we Can use on iridium server.