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Sorry it is not working at all. I even added modbus channels (I saw them in client project), but nothing

Thanks for your attention, but again, this is not what is need. I need this in i3 pro:


18:01:21 - Main light 221 is 100

18:01:33 - Door magnet contact is 1

18:01:35 - Door magnet contact is 0


I need example of .sirpz and .irpz file from support team please

Thanks. But I need i3 pro example of how to show system database changes in UI

Also I would suggest 2 things:

- schedule time/repeat settings become available as Virtual Group channels / feedbacks, so user is able to change them

- sunrise / sunset [+ / - time] is available as start and repeat option (should have the code available for offline usage here: It would require setup of the timezone by installer.

Joseanio, could you please help with question about your driver here?

Thank you!

планируется новая реализация этого функционала?

This is to have presence imitation, irrigation and other most used automations

А нормальным образом, из облака проект грузится?

я правильно понимаю, что это способ создать расписание, которое сможет редактировать конечный пользователь? Или что это такое вообще?