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да, retain это очень важно для mqtt, если применять в автоматизации

nice, thank you last thing: what if we can replace _channel_ with the name of the tag? 

I tried


But did not work

scripts are hard to use if you not a programmer (and iRidium is not for programmers, it is for installers).

Where is +value taken from? Can we use it as data modification, like this? (so tag which has this function selected sends data to http)? If yes, it would be a nice solution

After reinstall no drivers worked. After I clean Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Documents - works ok now, including MQTT

seems like new install of server has problem with all drivers, not only mqtt. let me try reinstall

My HTTP channel is setup like this already, I just need $V value from external tag added

Thank you very much, it is working good with following files:



Data is taken from _user directory_\Documents\iRidium pro documents\Server\Database

Client project looks like this:

Add any drivers to server project and mark feedbacks to "Store in DB" as signed 32bit, then you see them in client project as list.

In client project you can change default 60 sec. for automatic updates:

var INTERVAL_TO_REFRESH = 60000; //Interval to refresh

In server project you can change limit of records in the list (if too many list may not show):

var LIMIT_TO_RECORD = 300; //Limit to display records