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Can you leave your skype or find me (nikolay.rusanov).

I can try to help you after 2-3 hours from now
do you have anything working? did you activate license for your panel and emulator?
I guess you should use 'simul 2',0x0D instead of 'simul 2',13
Try this project, just change IP's for drivers - CoolMaster1000D_with_simulate.irpz
same problem with this model and "i2 control v.2.2" app.
i2 control app is ok
In driver I added AV & Custom driver, made channel 'simul 3',0x0D dragged it as send text to button. it worked. You can try, just change IP and port to yours CoolMasterNet_for+iRidium.irpz
Souliss seems to have a good ModBus TCP and RTU support:
Plex Home Theater - - not working. should i use another version?
а русскоязычные Идеи видны в английской версии форума?